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Motorcycles are ideal for documents, small packages, DVD ROMs, folders, jiffy bags etc. If in doubt or when goods are of high value or fragile then it's always best to go for the extra security offered by a small van. Price will remain the same.

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Load Space Dimensions: 1.7m L x 1.49m W x 1.2m H
Payload: 200-400 kg
1 euro pallet, 0 standard pallets

Small vans are ideal for boxes of goods, small items of furniture and so on. They have a similar loading capacity to that of a family sized estate car.

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Load Space Dimensions: 2.4m L x 1.7m W x 1.4m H
Payload: 600-700 kg
2 euro pallets, 2 standard pallets

Standard transit vans offer a larger loading compartment and should be considered when the goods are clearly too big for a small van and when are much heavier. They are ideal for moving a full pallet of printed matter, 2 pallets of manufactured goods, small to medium items of furniture, desks, chairs and so on.

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Load Space Dimensions: 3.4m L x 1.7m W x 1.7m H
Payload: 900-1300 kg
3-5 euro pallets, 3-5 standard pallets

Long & Extra Long wheel base vans offer an improved load space. They can carry up to 3.5 metre lengths and will accommodate more weight that a Luton Van. Ideal for a van load of heavy goods.

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Load Space Dimensions: 4m L x 2m W x 2.2m H
Payload: 900-1000 kg
4-5 euro pallets, 4 standard pallets

Luton vans are great for bulky items such as furniture, large boxes and crates. They offer greater width and height over Long Wheel Based Vans but cannot carry as much weight. The entire load compartment is above the rear wheels so the loading space is not hindered. If the items to move are heavy then you may need to order one with a tail lift unless you have lifting equipment and both collection and delivery points.

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